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SME Race Cylinder Head EVO 4-9 4G63

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This newly designed SME cast head has a number of benefits; such as solid lifters (under bucket), improved cooling channels, and it's been re-enforced where the head needs it most.


4-8 Also compatible Evo 9 MIVEC Delete


• Direct action cams on buckets shims
• Optimised valve angle
• Reinforced base 150% more material thickness between cylinders 2 & 3
• 20mm think base
• Optimised motorsport derived port design
• Double cooling capacity of OEM head
• Proprietary Material spec
• Porting capacity is huge up to 3mm everywhere, leaving 2mm wall thickness if possible
• EGR Channel deleted
• Less oil spray in the head means more volume remains in the sump
• 35mm Intake & 31mm exhaust valves Inconel
• Stock springs - Single 32 newtons seat pressure and install height. 76newtons @13mm
• Max lift 13mm
• 16mm coil bind
• 5.50mm stem thickness (OEM 6.60mm)