Kaiketsu R200 Diff Conversion

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This includes the following:

    • Custom ratio R200 with viscous LSD centre.
    • Modified subframe to suit.
    • Custom front support bar to suit.
    • Custom axles and hubs with modified uprights to suit.
    • All nuts, bolts and fixings.




This is a very comprehensive kit.

Please note, this price includes parts warranty when installed by a recommended dealer.

You may be eligible for a "parts exchange discount" on various items - subject to the condition of your existing components.

New tyres will also be required and recommendations will be given during the installation.

At this stage, PowerTune Australia is the recommended dealer and they are located in Eastern Creek (Western Sydney).

Labour to remove your existing rear end and install the new components is expected to be around 10 hours.

This includes a compulsory driveline check on the dynomometer after installation.