POWERTUNE CAN Gateway Box + Adapter Loom BUNDLE - Toyota Yaris

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After lots of requests from people all over the world, we have finally decided to come up with a solution that will allow almost ANY ECU with a CAN data stream to be fitted into late model cars that we have reverse engineered.

We have developed a CAN Gateway device that handles all bi-directional communication between aftermarket ECU's and factory OEM systems.

This means that you can install your choice of aftermarket ECU:

*Emtron GT86 ECU (sold separately)
into your Toyota Yaris and maintain all of the factory functionality, with no dash lights.

✅ DI and Port Injection Control.
✅ No dash warning lights.
✅ Launch Control, Anti-Lag and all the standard race functions.

This bundle will include:
2 x CAN box modules
1x adapter loom
*ECU is not included