MOTEC 13142 - M142 ECU

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- 8 Inductive Direct Injector Outputs
* Max Hold Current 15 Amps / Max Voltage 80V

- 8 Low Side Ingnition Outputs

Auxiliary Outputs
- 6 Low Side Outputs
- 10 Half Bridge Outputs

- 12 Universal Digital Inputs
- 4 Digital Inputs
- 17 Analogue Voltage Inputs
- 6 Analogue Temperature Inputs
- 4 Knock Inputs
- 2 Narrowband Lambda Inputs

- 3 CANBus
- 1 LIN
- 1 RS232

Logging Memory
- 250MB

A note on MoTeC products ...

MoTeC products are highly flexible, complex units and are adjustable for a wide range of applications. Every product needs to be carefully selected to work with all other components on the vehicle and to get the best out of your system it needs to be correctly installed and accurately tuned. This is highly specialist work, so to ensure your system is working at its optimum MoTeC recommend you get your system installed by an authorised dealer.  

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However, if you do decide to install your own system, there are a number of specific wiring diagrams available to assist you. Please check these datasheets if there is one for your product or application.