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MoTeC's M1 GPR Drag Package is a versatile tuning platform that has been developed specifically for drag racing applications.

It is a highly adaptable solution that can be configured to control a multitude of complexities, from the simplest of engines to a multi-throttle, quad-cam, boosted engine with two injectors per cylinder, a sequential gearbox, nitrous system and many other high performance enhancements.

Included in GPR Drag are numerous ancillary features common to race cars, such as:

  • Anti-lag
  • Driver switches (e.g. pit switch, launch enable and boost limit)
  • Gearbox control
  • Knock control
  • Intercooler sprays
  • Launch control
  • Gearbox coolant pumps
  • Traction control

Key features for drag racing include:

  • Time based trims and compensations
  • Improved large turbo boost building for launch
  • Traction control for vehicles with torque converters
  • "Two Step" Launch
  • Individual cylinder exhaust temperature fuel trim
  • Suspension position with 1000Hz logging capability

The Package also caters for many systems found on modified road vehicles that may be useful in a racing context, such as air conditioning control and four definable control outputs.

          For more detailed information see features