Hyundai i30n / Veloster N : CAN Integrated Package with Patch Harness

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This package is only available to the Motec Dealer network. It includes irmware licence and patch harness, all you need to supply is the ECU.

All of our firmware comes with a base map configured for a standard vehicle. This means that you will have a true plug and play solution for a standard vehicle. Adjustments will be required for vehicles with extensive modifications.

Hyundai i30N / Veloster N

  • Integrates all CAN bus functionality with the car, meaning no warning lights, working ABS, cruise control etc
  • Control over the factory shift lights
  • Control over the factory exhaust flap
  • Control throttle blip parameters
  • Information available on the CAN bus can be logged and used within the ECU to control functionality. (eg. Traction Switch, Individual wheel speeds, Drive Mode, G sensors and steering angle)

      The firmware packages also has the following non-vehicle specific additions:

      • Water methanol control
      • Direct keypad integration
      • Analogue wideband input
      • External CAN device integration (Haltech, Emtron, Link Wideband boxes etc)
      • Additional CAN messaging adding more channels to the CAN bus for display on dashes or other external devices
      • Mainline Dyno integration (Displays dyno information into the ECU, and ECU information onto the dyno)
      • User Definable axis on Auxiliary outputs
      • Heaps of additional engine protection functionality
      • Improved Launch and Traction control strategies