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5-0 Ignite Nissan RB Twin Cam Crank Trigger Kit - Option: DIY Wiring, Connectors Supplied

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RB Crank Trigger Kit

Video Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CMu4MRBnIVU/?igshid=mu9tdv0orngw

Unless you haven't heard or experienced, Nissan motors with optical crank angle sensor mounted on the camshaft (RB, CA, VG, SR etc.) are notorious for ignition timing drift especially at high load, high power, high rpm and even more pronounced on RB30DET conversions. This is often caused by a combination of timing belt stretch, belt harmonics and worn out OEM CAS unit. Just ask any reputable Nissan tuner!

5-0 Ignite is proud to release our crank trigger kit for RB twin cam application which gives unparalleled accuracy of the crank shaft position against any other cam-only based system on the market. Our kit features;

!  It is STRONGLY recommended to power up the sensors via regulated power supply such as your ECU's 12V or 8V output.

 Clean Slate ‘OEM’ Look CNC Machined Billet Aluminium 6061 Enclosed Cam Sensor Cover with Dress Up Washers

 24 Plus 1 (24+1) Trigger Setup Compatible with Haltech Platinum Pro and Most Modern/Capable Aftermarket ECU

 Genuine ZF (Cherry) Hall Effect Sensors for Both Crank and Cam Home

 Integrated Trigger Teeth on Supplied Crank Timing Sprocket, Compatible with OEM and Most Aftermarket Balancer

 5-0 Ignite Original Unique Design of Tapered Back Crank Trigger Teeth for Better Alignment to the Sensor and Crank Pulley Clearance Compared to Competitors!

 Jacking Bolt Holes on the Crank Timing Sprocket for Ease of Future Removal

 Design of the Cam Sensor Cover Allows +/- 3mm of Cam Pulley Thickness Variation Whilst Still Having the Key Within the Sensor Range

 CNC Machined Billet Aluminium 6061 Crank Sensor Mount.

 CNC Machined Billet Steel Crank Trigger Wheel and Cam Home Key, Zinc Plated For Corossion Resistance.

 Wiring Connectors Supplied to Plug into OEM CAS Connector and Hall Effect Sensor (including replacement CAS Plug)

 All Installation Fasteners Supplied

 Full Instructions Supplied (refer to 'Installation Manual' tab above). Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

Benefits includes tuner’s confidence in maximising ignition timing whilst keeping consistent safety margin for your high-powered RB build. Suitable for RB20 RB25 RB26 and RB30DET with twin cam heads. A MUST for all valued RB builds!

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