RB26 2.7L 2.8L STROKER KIT also suits RB25*

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*RB25 It must also be noted that these stroker kits are also compatible with the RB25 block, however, if you are using a NEO head, the pistons must be custom ordered to suit.

The RB26. The legend of the JDM tuning industry. The GTR and the RB26 have developed a huge following throughout the course of its history, through success in domestic and international circuit racing events and due to its successes on the drag strip as well.

However, the baby 2.6L capacity began to reach its limits and alternatives began to emerge in order to resolve this issue, whilst maintaining the capability to rev highly and remain strong and reliable. Hence, the Nitto RB26 2.7L and 2.8L kits came to fruition.


Engine capacity is increased from 2.6Ltr to 2.7Ltr which provides more power and torque whilst still retaining the RB26's excellent high revving characteristics.

Rotational capability for the 2.7Ltr Kit is lifted to 12,000 RPM and power handling is rated to 1600 HP. The changed harmonics due to the crankshaft material and design results in a much freer revving more balanced engine.


Engine capacity is increased from 2.6Ltr to 2.8Ltr which provides more power and torque whilst still retaining the RB26’s excellent high revving characteristics. Unlike many other manufacturers of 2.8Ltr kits, Nitto has retained the factory connecting rod length rather than shortening it which is made possible by designing a special piston that allows the connecting rod little end to be pushed up into the oil control ring groove on the piston. The piston runs a special rail support ring to reliably enable this design. Benefits of this system over the shorter connecting rod 2.8Ltr kits are a more desirable rod ratio suited to the characteristic of the engine, higher RPM ceiling, less piston side loading and a stronger ability to deliver HP at higher RPM levels.


  • CP pistons, cut from the Turbo HD forging with PVD Turbo ring set and 9310 wrist pins
  • Nitto 121.5mm I-beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • Optional upgrade to Custom Age 625 rod bolts available
  • 4340 billet stroker crank in 75.7mm or 77.7mm stroke