In 2013 Emtron Australia began by taking the first step on a long journey that would ultimately create a range of extremely high-end engine management systems for a market requiring uncompromising flexibility and power in their engine control solution that didn't require constantly investing more and more money to unlock features already on board their existing hardware.

This goal, of course, means that an enormous amount of effort and dedication to research and development needed to be invested in order to create a product line that offers unparalleled I/O capability, user defined flexibility of control tables, and copious amounts of data logging all in an "OEM" quality package that costs much less than the leading competitor's offerings, which won't stand up to the types of temperature and vibration abuse our products take on a regular basis.

The company mission is to provide the latest electronic components, architecture and technology in our ECU's in an ever expanding effort to improve our processes, quality controls, and to deliver the finest hardware and software available anywhere in the world to our end users.

The company is built on many years of engineering experience at both the hardware and user level, combined with a level of hands on tuning and racing experience that is rarely matched in the motorsports industry. We race what we build, and we are confident that after trying an Emtron ECU you'll agree with us when we say no other engine management solution in the world offers as much power, flexibility and performance you'll get in a price range even double what ours cost.