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This R34 arrived at Powertune on a trailer with the turbos partly removed. Our job was to convert the twin turbo set up to a single turbo setup, clean-up the engine bay, upgrade the HKS Fcon system to a Motec M1 ECU, change to a C127 dash and convert to a flex fuel system.

Smart choices.

Working with Brand was great. He knew what he wanted. He was realistic on cost, time frame and understood from the get go there was going to be unforeseen variations due to NO ONE knowing what we would come across.

The main thing that stood out in this build was, when asked what horsepower we would stop at, he answered “I dont want to push it too hard. I want to slowly ease on the power. Leave it at 500kw until i can afford to pull the engine out refresh it and then I will push it.”

Even though this car has a built HKS 2.8L engine from Japan, no one knows what is happening inside. This reply was unlike others that I have worked for in the past. They have a power target which is generally the limit of the turbo, They ask me to push it to the power limit of the turbo not knowing the condition of the engine, etc. When it breaks or run into mechanical issues it becomes everyone problem because of the owners poor choices!

Dyno Power on E85 fuel
Dyno Power on 98 fuel