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R33 GTR in the build.

Dales R33 GTR in the build. Some progress shots.

Here are some photos of the wiring loom that was made for this project. The Electronics package consist currently of

  • Motec M150 ECU
  • Motec E888
  • Motec 15 button keypad

Sensors this car has currently and wired for

  • Motec LTC lambda
  • Individual EGT
  • Turbo dump Temp
  • Turbo outlet pressure
  • Turbo outlet temp
  • Turbo inlet temp
  • Turbo speed sensor
  • Ambient air temp
  • Turbo inlet pressure
  • Inlet manifold temp
  • Inlet manifold pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Fuel temp before surge tank
  • Fuel temp after surge tank
  • Fuel surge tank level sensor
  • Fuel composition sensor
  • Coolant pressure
  • Coolant temp
  • Coolant level sensor
  • Oil Catch can level sensor
  • Transmission oil temp
  • Transmission oil pressure X 2
  • Attessa Line pressure
  • Solid State Thermo fan control
  • Engine oil pressure and temp
  • Knock sensors X 2
  • Variable cam control ( option )
  • Nitrous pressure sensor
  • Wheeel speed sensors X 4
Final DYNO power run

Here is some data on the intake air temps before and after the intercooler.

Take a look at how much air temp drops across the intercooler

A turbo inlet pressure and temp sensor is fitted. This is to make sure our inlet filter and or air box is not restricting the turbo. Turbo inlet temp is compared to our separate Ambient air temp that sit out front of the car where the grill is. From this data we can try and improve our system where required.

I like to fit new spark plugs before tuning session,This is so i can read the plugs after the dyno session. Just to make sure our sensor data matches what i can see on the spark plugs.