Mr Smith Goes to Power Play… in QLD!

Mr Smith Goes to Power Play... in QLD!

Last Saturday, John Smith drove 800km from Newcastle to QLD Raceway to enter Power Play. The EVO 4 was able to race and compete all day in over 40°C heat and hold its own against blown, methanol burning drag cars. Thrashed his car all day then turn around to drive home another 800kms. Having the confidence to […]

Improving on a Super Car

Improving on a Super Car

Improving on a super car… As super as they may be, they are all still required to comply with increasingly tighter emission standards. Manufacturers comply through two key points; exhaust system and ECU tuning. So improving on Nissan’s flagship car isn’t as hard as one might think. A popular upgrade path for the exhaust system includes higher flowing dump and […]

Mr Smith’s 700hp EVO 4

Mr Smith's 700hp EVO 4

The development of Ultimate Street EVO 4 was fueled by determination, passion and a whole lot of problem solving. This car showcases the collaboration between car owner, Stewart (AKA John Smith) and the Powertune team. The goal power output of 700hp requires a whole lot of fuel. It was not ideal to run massive injectors and […]

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